"Just a note to say thanks for the promptness on the tax return, and also for the pleasant surprise re the tax rebate – a good example of why it pays to pay professionals on such matters!"

"Thanks again for bearing with me over these months."

"Thank you for dealing with all of this so quickly and efficiently."

"Thanks for persevering with this."

"Thanks for all your help."

"You’re a top man Mr Sheridan!"

"Many thanks for your help on this."

"Thank you!"

"Thankyou for calculating my tax return."

"Thanks for clarifying the class 2 NIC. I hadn't realised that Class 4 was mandatory above a certain level."

"Thanks for your patience and time with my questions."

"Thanks for sorting this out."

"Wow that makes a change –thanks!"

"Sorry to leave such a tangled mess in your hands."

"All the best and thanks for your cooperation to date"

"I'd rather go with your figures, they seem to be half of what I was expecting."

"OK and thanks for the quick reply."