Private Client Personal Services

Whether Trading, Employed or Invested in, Wealth Funds, all produce income subject to tax. Wilshers extends its services to cover all the private client needs of the personal taxation system, served with data, where relevant, from their business, employment or investment activities.

These services parallel the tax reporting regime in the UK, being:

  • Income Taxes, sourced UK and Foreign Income, Pensions, including Share Schemes and Holiday letting Property.
  • Capital Taxes, including Property and Asset Gains, Inheritance, Trusts & Estates.
  • Non Resident and Non Domicile status variations to UK Resident Taxes.

As Tax Legislation accumulates and individuals fail to recognise their liability to report income or otherwise identify their tax overpaid, Wilshers strives to educate taxpayers, as their agent, with timely and assessment services for all Personal Taxes.