Income Taxes

Income received in the year from multiple sources, needs to be computed as soon as higher rate or variable rate tax is assessable, and should be reported on an annual Tax Return. Regardless of working status - student, full time employment, retired, jobless - multiple sources of income need to be aggregated for assessment to allowances, reliefs and tax charge.

Wilshers takes care to accumulate the necessary data for disclosure from client documentation, apply the data to relevant tax assessment and store the results for possible future reuse. The benefits of productivity and documentation in using prescribed computerisation in this process are passed on to the clients in timely production, with Revenue authorisation, and competitive fee rates.

Complete Tax Returns or Supplements relevant to certain taxes are prepared and filed electronically, according to client need. Payment of Tax terms and timing are provided from the Tax assessment computations, once prepared.

Planning for Income Taxes is a major feature of the assessment process, allowing Wilshers to focus on:

  • Assessment of benefits to Income of Employment and Directors Loans & Benefits
  • Distribution of Company Income by payroll or dividends
  • Non Resident periods abroad
  • Investment Portfolio timing of income distinct from capital