Consulting, Corporate Affairs

The change management objective or reengineering the business will bring you into contact with opportunities which Wilshers’ commercial experience can help you to reassess and focus on:

  • Refinancing the business, for a remodel of the business, or organic growth, new ventures - all need sourcing and flexing the balance between working capital cashflow and creating added value; for profit on risk, with term periods, interest rates and currency, all with considerations to suit the business plan;
  • Expansion or investee alternatives, including Partnering the business, into new or risk products, services or markets; for valuation of venture partner capital, shares, exits and responsibilities, negotiations for integration programmes, due diligence exercises, forecasting outcomes;
  • Recovery potential realised from poor performance, re-evaluation of repricing of assets, restructuring capital, shares liabilities and liabilities enforcing controls on costs with stakeholders, liaising with company legal advisors on responsibilities;
  • Human Capital, pricing employment Resources, motivation by incentives, integrating benefits (including pension) with payroll taxes in personal financial plans, structuring employment policies in staff handbook consistent with the business strategy, assessment schemes related to improved training, facilities and performance;
  • International service for UK businesses with commercial experience of trading in Europe, North America, Australasia, India and the Middle East, enabled to focus on:
    • Currency accounting for cross border transactions, importing supply chain with duties and stock movements, exporting knowledgeware and funds financing.
    • Establishing Branch operations with Licensing and Franchising alternatives and UK compliance reporting.
    • Residence and Non Resident payrolls with Foreign Tax Credits and Double Tax Reliefs.
    • Transfer Pricing for imported and exported services, profit retention, withholding taxes.