Business Strategy

Every significant economic investment should have its objective, to be the measure of achievement or success, from investing money in a portfolio for a specific result to investing time for a valued outcome, commercial or vocational.

In the business framework, the venture needs vision and organisation to realise it, from start up of a new business, to reengineering the business model of an existing business and, to exit a business for value.

The organisation should allow growth to flourish; providing services to form, maintain and change manage building the business is part of our broad range, focused on:

  • Preparing and updating the business plan
  • Forming the organisation structure and maintaining as a Sole Trade (Self Employed), Partnership, LLP or Limited company.
  • Company Secretarial and Regulatory registrations with the relevant authorities for company structure, Directors, Shareholders, Charges, Capital, Registered Office; Revenue Payroll & Tax and Customs VAT & Duties; Banking, Insurance and Financial Providers References.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and Consulting services available as needed, (detailed further) for Compliance and for Performance, with proactive analysis and response to results.
  • Change Management objectives to reengineer, reinvest time, acquire, dispose, and partner ventures with consequences for existing employment, taxation and contractual and financing agreements.