Business Services

Every significant economic investment should have its objective, to be the measure of achievement or success, from investing money in a portfolio for a specific result to investing time for a valued outcome, commercial or vocational.
The regulatory requirement 'to keep books' often overstates the client need, resulting in preparation of a simple transaction listing, incomplete for bank entries and unanalysed for VAT consequences.
Based on a full understanding of your business, preparing Management accounts and Annual accounts, applying accounting procedures to fully reflect the book policy for valuation of assets and liabilities and matching of income to expense periods.
Related to the accounting for the business model, the cost of and cashflow of Corporate Taxation can be enhanced by timely compliance with commercial analysis of accounts and minimising liabilities whilst sensitive to claims for reliefs, losses and tax credits or grants.
The change management objective or reengineering the business will bring you into contact with opportunities which Wilshers’ commercial experience can help you to reassess and focus on