Partners and Staff

The founding partner of the firm was Michael Sheridan, BA (Hons), who had the accumulated commercial experience and financial expertise, to meet and fill the creative and innovative urge for entrepreneurs and corporate enterprise. Crediting Human Enterprise was the motivation for every client to realise their achievement with regulatory compliance. The professional service has grown around the following teams:

Michael Sheridan, BA (Hons); Principal and Team Consulting

General practice for advising on accounting, taxation and special investigations, Consulting with ‘big’ four background including fifteen years commercial Finance Director positions;

Louise Shea, FCA; Team Tax

General practice for advising on accounting, and all specific Taxation services; ‘small’ firm background with Revenue expertise in tax process and computations;

Ashish Parmar; Team Accounts
Noreen and Tina; Bookkeepers

General practice for bookkeeping, accounting and specific payroll services; treasury background with bookkeeping systems expertise;

Sarah Hibbert; Client Services

Managing client profiles and coordinating client teams.

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